• Giving Thanks

    This past year at Perspicacity has been extra special- we are celebrating 30 years as a local business and we owe all of that success to you, our loyal shoppers! To show our gratitude, this Thanksgiving we have tons of new in-store markdowns, and even extra saving on Friday!

    When you shop with us on Black Friday, you will draw for a discount that could be anything up to 50% off your entire purchase!

    thanksgiving sale2014_pscy


    We wish you all a blessed & happy Thanksgiving!

  • Seeing Red: What to Wear

    If you are a fan of Seaside, Florida then you’ve probably heard of, if not attended the annual Seeing Red Wine Festival®, one of the areas most highly anticipated events held every November.

    (photos via Seeing Red & Sowal)

    November is upon us, which means the Wine Fest is here! So what makes this event so fabulous? Well, for starters there is wine involved!! —that’s always a plus! But then there’s this….

    srwf_weather(icons from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC BY 3.0)

    Perfect weekend weather! The locals have always known, and others are catching on, the fall is THE BEST time of year to take a trip to the beach! Throw some good friends, good food, and wine into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an amazing weekend!

    (photos via Sowal)

    Convinced? Time to round up your best friends and pack your bags for the perfect weekend girls trip! Now for the tricky part— What to pack? At the beach, in the fall, with weekend highs in the low 70’s?

    We’ve got you covered! Read on for our tips and styling advice for this years annual Seeing Red Wine Festival!

    Easy Weekend looks: Think basics, think neutral

    {Sun hat + basic white tees + layering necklaces + Skinny jeans + boots + mix in some cashmere pieces for the chilly evenings}

    (image by Gabrielle Guzman)


    Thursday 7pm: Vintner’s Dinner 

    Erik Miller from Kokomo Winery at Bud & Alleys Restaurant


    CP Shades  White Cotton Silk Dress $172// Cami Slip $24// Hibiscus Boots $209// Tassel Necklace $48
    (images by Gabrielle Guzman)


    Friday 6-8pm: Al Fresco Reserve Tasting

    on the Seaside Lyceum Lawn between the School & the Seaside Institute

    Twisty Back Maxi Dress $146// Cashmere wrap/ scarf (for when it gets chilly) $188// Havaianas Flip Flop $26
    (images by Gabrielle Guzman)


    Saturday 1-4pm: Grand Tasting 

    24th Annual Seeing Red Wine Festival Grand Tasting

     Felt floppy hat in black $40// Bourbon Boot $189// Carmen Tear & Repair Verdugo Paige Skinnies $239// Sterling and Turquoise cuff (handmade, one of a kind- other styles available) $114// Turquoise Pendant $64
    (images by Gabrielle Guzman)


    Sunday 11am: A Celebration of Bubbles

    Great Southern Café Grand Finale

    Felt Floppy Hat in tan $40// Cashmere Sweater in Blush by Velvet $328// Cashmere Travel Wrap $188
    (images by Gabrielle Guzman)


    The festivities kick off tomorrow night with Bud & Alley’s featured winemaker, Erik Miller. To learn about about his terroir driven philosophy, check out this read on The Seaside Style blog. If you haven’t had any of the Kokomo wines while dining in Seaside, this weekends’ festivities are a must. Bud & Alley’s famous crab cakes paired with a glass of Kokomo Chardonnay or their Zinfandel paired with the espresso blackened tuna topped with canterelle mushrooms- are both divine combinations that you won’t want to miss!

    Cheers! Hope to see you there!

  • Scarf Styling 101

    Scarves are one of our favorite fall accessories- they create layers, provide warmth, and add a pop of color to any outfit. Check out a few of our favorite fall scarf looks from Pinterest:

    Here’s another perfect-for-the-beach idea from Anthropologie — using a scarf as a part of your side braid!

    #BazaarStyle | Scarf Braid | bit.ly/pscyblog

    Or try this “Head Scarf” tutorial from Hair Romance!

    #BazaarStyle | Head Scarf | bit.ly/pscyblog


    And here are a few of our staff’s personal faves…


    The Infinity Scarf

    (Good hYOUman Good Scarf  in Cloud $36/ photo: Gabrielle Guzman)


    The European Loop

    (Cashmere Open Knit Wrap in Tan $188/ photo: Gabrielle Guzman)


    The Fashion Knot

    (Paloo Shaded Scarf $38/ photo: Gabrielle Guzman)


    The Classic Drape

    (Good hYOUman Good Scarf in Midnight $36/ photo: Gabrielle Guzman)


    The Wrap

    (Woven Wool Wrap $44/ photo: Gabrielle Guzman)

    For even more fun ways to dress up your fall look with a scarf, check out our favorite scarf tying video tutorial, 25 ways to Wear a scarf in 4.5 Minutes, from Wendy’s Lookbook!


    What are your favorite looks for the fall?

    Share your favorite look with us on Pinterest for a chance to win the Good hYOUman Good Scarf (in Midnight) that Jordan is wearing! Here’s how to enter:

    1. Follow us on Pinterest and pin your favorite look from this post.
    2. Use #BazaarStyle in the description of your pin.

    That’s it! Winner will be selected Monday, November 3rd!

  • Getting to Know: Will Leather Goods

    We are in love with Will Leather Goods for a lot of reasons, and we think you will be too. Not only are their clutches and handbags super stylish and of impeccable quality, but they are produced with the environment in mind.

    (Oaxacan Rug Collection clutches available at Perspicasity | photo by Gabrielle Guzman)

    Great style and great quality with a conscious. What’s not to love?

    Read on for more about Will Leather Goods!
    “My dream is to create unexpected products and experiences that ignite adventure, passion and inspiration.” – Will Adler


    “The lumber used for our retail fixtures derives from naturally felled trees. We use an Eco Pillow to stuff our bags instead of paper. We use eco-friendly leather which is vegetable tanned using natural elements such as tree bark, moss and roots. We print all of our catalogues and collateral on recycled paper. These are just some of our ongoing efforts to help reduce our carbon footprint – always striving to put the environment first.”- Will Leather Goods

    The term “Natural Veg Tan Leather” is used a lot around the WILL offices, but what does Natural Veg actually mean? It refers to Natural Vegetable-Tanned Leather. Natural refers to keeping the natural color of the hide, no color additives are included in the tanning process. Vegetable refers to the root substances used to tan the leather. Tanning is the process used to create leather; just like you would bake a pie, you tan leather.

    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

    (Will Leather Goods products in Perspicasity | photo by Gabrielle Guzman)

    At Will Leather Goods, their mantra is “We make products that inspire your journey.” Inspired by Will’s travels to Mexico, the Oaxacan Rug Collection was was designed by native rug making techniques and traditions. Zapotec hand weaving (which was introduced to the Indians by the Spanish and Pueblos), lead to the the vegetable dyed Oaxacan wool rug. Weavers used natural elements, including berries, moss, tree bark and larvae to achieve the vibrant, varied colors seen throughout the rugs.

    (Inspiring Travels to Mexico photos from Pinterest)

    Will Leather Goods uses the same methods in their Oaxacan Rug Collection, as well as integrating leather panels to ensure proper function of the bags, and in total take 159 steps on the factory line to perfect each piece before it reaches your hands. Another amazing creation by Will Leather Goods is the repurposed coffee sack carry-all, crafted from sturdy (carry load of 300 pounds to be exact) hemp coffee sacks that have been used for generations to transport coffee beans.

     (photos from Instagram)

  • Fall Fashion Guide: Beach Edition

    “Bitersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.” – Carol Bishop Hipps,  In a Southern Garden

    With fall officially here, dressing when it’s still 85 degrees, sunny, and you’ve got a little sand between your toes becomes a bit of a challenge. But here are a few of our tips to transition our wardrobe into fall mode.

    Add an extra layer to your favorite summer outfits- Some great layering options include sweaters and cardigans, blazers and light jackets.


    Pay no attention to most fashion “rules”, but especially the one about not wearing white after Labor Day… Case in point:


    Opt for lightweight, summery fabrics in Fall hues.


    Balance shorts and minis with long sleeves on top.


    Add leather to any summer outfit for an instant Fall upgrade. Leather footwear, handbags, or belts will do the trick.


    Skip the flip-flops or sandals, and opt for a classic pair of sneakers instead.


    Two words: Maxi Skirt


    Add a jacket and booties to your favorite summer shorts and dresses.


    Switch out summery handbags for a luxe leather clutch in a bold, Fall hue.


    Throw a chunky sweater over a sundress or mini skirt for a whole new look.

    If it’s a bit chilly out, add some tights!

    Happy Fall y’all!

  • SWFW | South Walton Fashion Week


    We are excited to announce we will be participating in the 2014 South Walton Fashion Week  {October 6th-12th}


    Passionate for fashion and philanthropy, we love that our local fashion week combines the best of both worlds: net proceeds for SWFW, benefit the Arts in Education Program of the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County.

    We had such a blast year, we couldn’t wait to begin planning for this years festivities (trunk show included)!!!

    falltrunk show

    Check out some of our looks from last years runway show!

     via Goode Green Photography

    Stay tuned for more details involving all things fashion week!


  • It’s a Party, A Costume Party!

    We are obsessed with this new accessory line: ¡Spanglish! by Costume Party ATL. Not only is each piece of jewelry amazing and handmade, but they arrive to us in these super cool vintage cigar boxes!

    The artisan crafted, one-of -a-kind pieces help to  support the tribes of Central and South America, where they are made, with the intention of being able to continue a legacy of their family trade!

    Arrowroot weaving is done by the Sinu tribe of Columbia.

    Maya Tribal beading is done by the Mayan tribes of Guatemala.

    {for purchasing information please call the store 850.231.5829 or email us at shop@theseasidestyle.com}

  • Relax & Discover

    discover our best basics


    Known for their signature softness, Alternative also takes pride in continuing to be a brand rooted in sustainable and eco-friendly practices- by using 100% organic Pima cotton (the finest in the world). Alternative fabrics provide exceptional softness, durability and a natural, subtle sheen for an elegant, understated look.
    altern_post pics


    recycled + reused + repurposed+ organic + hemp // by way of 100% GMO-free, Pesticide & Herbicide-free, Recycled, Closed-loop, & Fair-traded Ingredients. Groceries creates clothing with a purpose- cotton recycling prevents unneeded wastage and is a more responsible option than disposal. groceries


    Who doesn’t want to look great and be comfortable? A vision by the founders of Bobi, is to attain perfection in the pursuit of building quality product, which is still the key component of this dynamic fashion house. Continuing with the same principles, Bobi is a company built on the respect for human rights and the dignity of the worker remains essential to the core principles since the beginning.


    James Perse, a Los Angeles native, spent his childhood between the beach, the hockey rink and the floor of his father’s innovative Los Angeles boutique, Maxfield. Though his lifelong influences, he launched a t-shirt line that rapidly gained loyal fans looking for a seamless blend of luxe and casual. Before long James founded his first namesake collection of women’s knits, popular today among many celebrities.

  • a product with soul

    As a locally established & sustained beachside bazaar, we strive to seek out fair trade brands, brands which are made in America, and/or brands that give back in some other way such as Feed and TOMS, as often as possible; purpose driven and inspiring brands of clothing.

    With that in mind, we love learning about brands that promote unique, locally made products that advocate organic, low-impact & repurposed concepts regarding production. One of our long time favorites, CP Shades, is truly a brand with soul.



    This video says it all!

    As a part of The Seaside Style®, the official lifestyle brand for the town of SEASIDE®, Perspicasity has carried CP Shades through the years. After admiring  the brand for years, our buyers approached The Weinsteins, owners of CP Shades, and launched a co-branding partnership: CP Shades for SEASDE®.


    After 30 plus years in the fashion industry, CP Shades continues to mass-produce a hand-made product in America. (below: Robi Fugate, buyer for The Seaside Style®, with The Weinsteins of CP Shades)

    Rob_CP Shades

    Using 100% natural and sustainable fabrics, CP Shades makes simple and elegant clothing in lots of colors. Every garment is meant to be worn over and over again.


    “What you see is what you get.” Garment dyed, uncomplicated, with soul.


    We enjoy supporting such wonderful brands and buying responsibly because we know there are positive benefits to the community and the environment. We know it’s not much, but we are excited about any small impact we are able to contribute!


    “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”